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  • FALL WINTER 20.21

    Arcadia is innovation, research and definition. It’s a broad vision, a breakthrough, able to convey a versatile identity.


    Unrelenting research outlines daring shapes although well rooted
    in the weft of ancient knowledge.


    Identity has its roots deep into tradition which melts with the iconic traits of a new distinctive sign which becomes a sculpture.


    A sequence of pure and seductive lines create daring shapes which mirror the prime esthetic of design.


    A powerful design which becomes an icon, a recognisable sign of style and bewitching elegance.


    Precious metal details perfectly matched to the materials with refined finishings evocative of the past and put together with expert tailoring.


    Inspiration is impulse and artistic vision, it’s the ability to communicate through a universal language that materializes into an object of beauty.


    Expression is art, alchemy, diversity and multifaceted identity, the perfect harmony of different elements that move as one to create an iconic composition.