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The history

since 1975


Each Arcadia collection tells of 40 long years of passion and hard work.
The tiny workshop in which founder Tonino Tondi and his son Pasquale took their first steps no longer exists,
but the values of those days have remained intact:
1. Handcrafted products
2. Quality raw materials
3. 100% Made in Italy

It is because they have never lost sight of their roots that Arcadia has become an industry in constant evolution,
able to compete even in the most demanding of markets, like the USA, Europe and the Far East.
At the same time, the handbags bearing the Arcadia logo are a perfect blend of craftsmanship and modern design,
bags which, the wide variety notwithstanding, are readily distinguishable from all the rest.

Quality, technology, attention to detail



bags design

true Made in Italy


Arcadia makes leather handbags which are the
 perfect example of all the style and quality of true Made in Italy products.

All of the collections share the fact that they are designed for a modern clientele which pays a great deal of attention to detail.
From accessories to colours, each and every element is chosen with care and attention to ensure that those who carry an Arcadia handbag will enjoy a deep sense of wellness and pride.

industry professionals

Quality, technology, attention to detail

Arcadia is not just a producer of handbags and fashion accessories, first and foremost it is a partner. The company philosophy is based on the quality of the relationship between each production phase and sales: the relationship with its salesmen, clients, suppliers and management, and with all the company’s human resources, is managed like a partnership because each and every element is an important strongpoint of the firm. Arcadia strives to earn the loyalty of the end user thanks to the solid and direct relationship established with the merchants.
The family experience is one of artisanal craftsmanship combined with keeping a close eye on the changes in the marketplace and this has led the firm to strive for increasingly higher quality and internal organizational standards.
The firm works on constantly improving its teams and products by selecting the finest designers and stylists available in Italy for its in-house models; this allows it to study, analyse and bring novelty to both the models and the leather it uses and thus create continuity and produce seasonal and personalised items based on the needs of the various markets. At Arcadia, quality, technology and attention to every detail are the unique elements which result in a great Made in Italy brand.

industry professionals

Team experience

Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success” ,Henry Ford once said. The Arcadia team is made up of industry professionals, renowned designers and a management which follows each aspect with great commitment and dedication, because Arcadia is still a family affair.


New Collection


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